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Hannah Secher

Head Coach

"My name is Hannah Secher and I am head coach of Rugby Synchronised Swimming Club. I coach everyone within the club, but I mostly coach the Junior/Senior Championships and Nationals Squad. I have been coaching for 14 years. Before taking on the role of a coach, I was a swimmer at the club for 10 years. I hold my National and FINA Judge, Swim England/IOS Tutor, Level 2 Coach and I am a member of the Swim England Synchro Leadership Team."

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Linda Peake


"My name is Linda Peake and I am one of the coaches at Rugby Synchro. I mainly coach the little ones now, I have been coaching at the club for 20 years. I hold my Level 2 Coaching Certificate and my Level 3 Judge. I really enjoy being a coach as I find it very satisfying to see the girls (tiddlers as I call them) grow from being complete novices of the sport and usually very shy, with absolutely no experience to performing in the bigger competitions, and growing into well adjusted, confident young ladies. I am proud to coach the Nemos as their journey started with me. I also help out with all of the other squads in the club.


Emilia Walker


"My name is Emilia Walker and I am a coach and swimmer at Rugby Synchronised Swimming Club. I joined the club in 2010 at the age of 11. I still swim when I am not coaching to keep myself fit and healthy as well as being coach for the 131415 National Squad. I have been coaching at the club for 4 years I hold my Level 2 Coach, Level 1 Teacher in Aquatics and Level 2 Judge. I love being a member of the club as I get to train with my friends and I also enjoy passing my knowledge onto other swimmers to help them develop."


Edina Carroll


"My name is Edina Carroll and I am coach of the 12 and Under Nationals Squad.  I have been coaching for  years and I hold my Level 2 Coaching Qualification. I really enjoy coaching as I love seeing the girls improve. It is very rewarding as a coaching to watch the swimmers succeed in competitions."


Katie Huett


"My name is Katie Huett and I am a coach a Rugby Synchro. I have been coaching for 3 years and hold my Level 2 Coaching Qualification. I love watching the girls' ability improve, which in turn improves their confidence. Before coaching I spent 8 years watching my own girls swim which made me decide to become a coach."

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Rob Walker


"My name is Rob Walker and I am coach of the 12 and Under Division 1 Combo Squad along with Lorraine. I hold my Level 1 Coaching Qualification. I began coaching 5 years ago after spending hours watching my daughter swim. I enjoy coaching as I like seeing the girls develop their synchro skills and improve."

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Anna Kempson


"My name is Anna Kempson, I have swam at the club for 5 years and am currently swimming with the Juniors team. I am new to coaching a team as I was previously coaching the Nemos on a Thursday with Linda. I am now coaching alongside Rob with the 15 and under team. 
I really enjoy coaching and helping the children develop their skills both individually and within the team. I look forward to seeing where the year takes us."

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