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Our Squads

We are currently in the 2022/23 season!

Get to know our talented Rugby Artistic Swimmers...

12 and under A Squad

Lola H

Keva E

Aaron L

Lois B

Frankie K

Leah A

Amelie J

Ruby S

Amy T

Lucy G

Darcey T

13/14/15 Nationals Squad

Eve N

Tyra W

Alexa H

Sophie H

Chloe B-L

Chloe B

Olivia B

Imogen R

Kitty T

Saranne B

Senior Squad

The Senior Squad is the highest team in the club. The swimmers in this squad are great role models to the rest of the club and it is definite that the younger swimmers of the club are inspired by them. 


India T

Tilly J

Olivia E

Eve Y

Lola D

Olivia T

Poppy W

Charlie P

Lili C

Josie M

Bethany C

13/15 Division 1 Squad

Mabel C

Isabella Fl

Isabella Fr

Alice P

Daisy C

Daisy J

Isobel B

Jemma K

Beatrice B

Georgina S

Harriett H

Kara D

12 and under B Squad

Kara A

Molly H

Lucy K

Sophie C

Caitlin-Rose S

Isabelle W

Charlotte W

Elise K

Junior Squad

Ariane S

Jagoda C

Hannah H

Amy B

Jess B-L

Edie J

Lily VV

Freya T

Jas F

Poppy J

Hattie M

Rebecca H

Natalia R


Daniel R

Emily B

Ruth H

Masters Squad

The Masters Squad is made up of swimmers over the age of 18 and include swimmers from beginners to more experienced swimmers. The swimmers in this squad are a range of ages and come from a variety of backgrounds.

Ruth M

Cathy R

Alison R

Joyce W

Sandra A

Julie BS

Anna K

Annette P

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