We are currently in the 2020 season! Get to know our talented Rugby Synchronised Swimming Squads. Take a look below to meet our swimmers.


12 and Under Nationals Squad

This squad is made up of 12 swimmers. The members of the squad are:
Olivia Barry
Chloe Bartholomew
Lola Huett
Emily Minor
Jemma King
Kitty Tyers
Agata Scerbakova
Isobel Byrne
Saranne Black
Aaron Lee
Amber Taylor
Amelie Fisher

13/14/15 Nationals Squad

The 13/14/15 Nationals squad is made up of 12 swimmers. This squad is made up of the following swimmers:
Bethany Masters
Lola Dudkowsky
Josephine Mozley
Lola Marsay
Poppy Williams
Olivia Tyers
Isabel Maxey
India Townsend
Matilda John
Imogen Ravenhall
Alexa Holland
Tyra Watson

Senior Squad

The Senior Squad is the highest team in the club. The swimmers in this squad are great role models to the rest of the club and it is definite that the younger swimmers of the club are inspired by them. The swimmers in this squad are:

Nayana Walker

Amelia Quinn

Cassie Reed

Charlie Putt

Emily Dakin

Eve Howard

Georgia Lindsay

Izzy Ogg

Lili Carroll

Maisie Grinter

Sophie Thomas

Bethany Clark

Jess Farndon

13/18 Division 1 Squad

This squad is made up of 12. The swimmers in this team are:
Maddie Crosbie
Lily V-V
Evelyn Whisker
Chloe Lyons
Jasmine Farr
Rebecca Harper
Agata Sitko
Natalia Rodriguez
Katie James
Sophie Henry
Amy Buckley
Chloe B-L

15 and Under Division 1 Squad

The 15 and under combo Squad is made up of 11 swimmers. The swimmers in this squad are:
Daisy C
Emilia Owen
Grace Cunliffe
Harriett Humphrey
Laura Oddy
Freya Twiss
Anya Saunders
Beatrice Banks
Robyn F-H
Poppy Jenkins
Alice Pavlova

Junior Squad

This squad is made up of 14 swimmers. The swimmers in this squad are:
Nyah Munden-Edge
Angelique Tye
Katie McConnell
Jess Barrett-Leafe
Anna Kempson
Jajoda Czuplak
Ariane Sargent
Olivia Broomhead
Ella Ravenhall
Edith John
Hannah Hopkins
Hattie McMillan
Sophie Lowe
Mai Timothy


Nemos are the first squad our swimmers are part of when they join Rugby SC Synchro. The age range of this squad s 6-12 years. Joining Nemos is about learning the basics in Synchro readying them to move onto the next level. The swimmers train from 1 to 2 hours per week depending on age and strength. The squad members are:

Karine Pallosi

Daisy Jenkins

Keva Ennis

Kara Duckett

Edward B-L

Hannah Lane

Darcey Townsend

Masters Squad

The Masters Squad is made up of swimmers over the age of 18. We have 11 regular swimmers from beginners to more experienced swimmers. The swimmers in this squad are a range of ages and come from a variety of backgrounds. This squad are currently training for the European Championships in Slovenia in September 2018 and the National Championships in November 2018. The squad members are:

Alison Richardson

Julie Bowler-Smith

Joyce Williams

Kay Ridler

Sandra Anstruther

Annette Parker

Ruth MacCallum

Cathy Reekie

Gemma Broad

Grace Cain

Danielle Watson

Team Novice

This squad is made up of 5 swimmers. The squad members are:
Georgina Stoddart
Chloe Gibbs
Alex Bowler-Smith
Lily Stuart
Isabelle Clements