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Figure Grades

Introduced in January 2017 by Swim England Synchronised Swimming was a three-strand award system for athletes consisting of Figure Grades, Routine Grades and Land Grades.

In order to compete at certain competitions, a synchronised swimmer will need to have their synchro grades tested.

There are six figures grades which gradually increase the test of ability for athletes on their age group figures.

These grades support swimmers and help them perform to their very best standard before moving to their next grade.

Each grade has three levels (gold, silver and bronze) allowing swimmers to perfect their figures before moving on to the next grade.

Select one of the grades below to read more about it.

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Routine Grades

There are five routine grades which just like the figure grades, they provide an increasing test of ability for swimmers on their routine skills.
These grades work alongside the figure grades and help swimmers to develop their transitions, movement speed and hybrids ready for when they swim solos, duets or teams.

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Land Grades

There are five land grades. As the swimmers progress through these land grades, they will see the test of ability on their land skills will increase.  
These grades work alongside the figure and routine grades, to help athletes develop core strength, flexibility and speed of movement on land which transfer to the pool to help them progress with their figures and routines.
These are still yet to be released.

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